Some of the excerpts from the blog of one of Singapore's Top Food Bloggers on our East vs West Crab Buffet:

"Apart from the signature Chilli Crabs which Penang St. Buffet has in the house, I must highlight that the salted egg crabs was one of my favorites. Coated with a layer of hardened salted egg, the dish exuded an aromatic fragrance the moment I lift open the chaffer.

The salted egg coating had a powdery, luscious texture. At the same time, the pleasant bursts of saltiness was a splendid pairing with the rich and chewy crab meat. Comparable to good salted egg crabs found in zhi char stalls.....

On the whole, I am very much gratified upon my dining experience here at Penang St. Buffet. There was so much good food! Not only did it meet the satisfaction of a crab-lover in me, the dining experience was very much a hearty one which was a very accurate depiction of the Penang cuisine – traditional and genuine.

Penang St. Buffet is an ideal place for heartwarming catch-ups and socialisation with family and friends, very much a friendly environment, one that you won’t feel paiseh’ in getting your fingers dirty in the midst of cracking open crab shells."

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Lady ironchef raves about the wok fried crab bee hoon at Penang St. Buffet

"...this is something to give up the world for. The Wok Fried Crab Beehoon tops our list as the best crab dish in the entire line! 

The savoury taste of the seasoning was fantastic. Wok-fried with a good grasp of temperature, the vermicelli absorbed the seasoning and sweetness of the crab so well. The end result? A texture just right – neither too dry nor too wet. And guess what? We ate more vermicelli than crabs!"

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TRAvel blog - have halal will travel facebook post on Penang St. buffet's crab buffet 2016.

"Our favourite crab buffet is back! This time, you'll find 15 different crab dishes including kimchi crab, espresso coffee crab and more. Our personal favourites are the green curry crab, crab beehoon and of course, the salted egg crab! "

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