What is gd rewards?

It is our way of saying 'Thank You' to our customers. The GD Rewards program is a card-less loyalty program that rewards you when you dine at participating GD Group outlets in Singapore. 

GD Points are accrued whenever customers scan/upload their receipts into the GD Rewards mobile phone application. The points are tracked automatically by the program and customers can redeem the items via the mobile phone application.


It is simple and easy to use. How do you get started?

STEP 1: Download the "GD Rewards" app from the Apple App Store or Google Play App Store

STEP 2: Scan your receipt within 24 hours of your meal.

STEP 3: Earn GD Points and start getting rewarded when you dine with us.


The next time you visit the outlet, you can redeem your points for free desserts, meals or dining vouchers

GD Rewards Signup Table

Participating brands include Gurney Drive Signatures, Penang Culture and Penang St Buffet.