frequently asked questions

1. What is GD rewards programme?

GD Rewards is a card-less rewards programme that rewards diners with GD Points when customers dine at participating GD Group outlets in SIngapore. These GD points are tracked by our rewards programme automatically when receipts are scanned / uploaded through the mobile phone application.

The GD Points accumulated in this programme can be used to exchange for GD Vouchers or other food items.

2. How does GD Rewards work?

When diners scan their receipts or upload images of their receipts, GD Points will be issued and stored in our rewards programme. These GD Points can subsequently be exchanged for GD Vouchers or other food items.

You can find out more about the rewards here:

3. What are the application requirements for the programme?

GD Rewards is open to anybody residing in Singapore and aged 16 years and above at the time of application. Singapore Identity Card, Singapore Permanent Resident Card, Work Permit or passport may be required during registration.

4. How do I apply for the GD Rewards programme?

Diners can simply sign up via:

·         GD Rewards mobile app (Available in App Store™ and Google Play)

Activation is immediate and diners can start scanning and uploading their receipts through the mobile app.

5. How long does it take for my membership to be activated?

Activation is immediate upon completion of application through GD Rewards mobile app.

6. Is the membership transferable?

     The transfer of membership is not permitted in this programme.