Penang St. Buffet 'East Vs West' Crab Buffet

(1 March 2016 to 8 May 2016)

"It's a showdown between the East and the West!"

Penang St. Buffet first launched its halal, crab-themed buffet, “Crab Madness Buffet”, in August 2015. A month long promotion, it attracted a lot of customers with the quality, taste and sheer variety of crab dishes presented. 

Encouraged by the success and customers’ positive response to the first crab-themed buffet, Penang St. Buffet will be launching its second halal, crab-themed buffet on 1 March 2016.

Penang St. Buffet’s East Vs West Crab Buffet will feature crabs cooked in both Eastern and Western styles. Besides popular favourites like Salted Egg Crabs, and wok-fried Bee Hoon simmered in Crabs, customers can look forward to unconventional crab dishes like Kimchi Crabs, Green Curry Crabs, Espresso Crabs, Peri Peri Crabs and Parmesan Butter Crabs. With more than 15 crab-inspired dishes, crab lovers will be spoilt for choice. 

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Besides the extensive variety of crab dishes, there is also the ice seabed to look forward to. Enjoy the Lobster, Prawns, Scallops, Mussels, Snow Crab legs and King Crab legs on its own or dipped in the refreshing in-house chilli sauce.

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If there is someone in your party who is not a crab fanatic, there are plenty of Penang hawker favourites and Western delights to choose from in the buffet. 

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There are also lots of dessert options for those with a sweet tooth. Specially curated by our dessert chef, the desserts range from an assortment of favourite cakes, bread pudding, crème brulee, to our popular Penang Durian Cendol

Do not miss this 'crab-opportunity' to taste the best of both worlds. Email to make your reservations before it is too late.  

We are located at Causeway Point #05-12

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