Most Popular Students Meal!

It's after school and you are starving for your comfort food - a nice Western meal. Mum says no to fast food, but we are sure she won't say no to a wholesome meal of Penang Chicken Cutlet or Penang Fish and Chips.

It comes with your choice of 2 side dishes (Pasta, Salads or Potato Wedges) and a choice of sauce (hint: the Salted Egg sauce, Chilli Crab sauce and Honey Lemon sauce are hot favourites). Top it off with a cool drink. All at a reasonable price. We know right, best deal ever!

This Students' Meal is only available at Penang Culture @ JEM, Century Square and Changi Airport T2 Departure, from Mon to Fri, 2pm - 6pm. Try it and discover why our Penang Western Meals are so popular with students.

(PS: If you are having a meal with your parents, they get to enjoy their favourite Penang dishes and you still get to enjoy your favourite Western food. 2 birds 1 stone. Best!)

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