Ms Tam Chiak's Post on Penang Lor Mee & Other Fav dishes from PC

Popular Ms Tam Chiak tries our Penang Lor Mee and shares her views on it and on some of her favourite dishes at Penang Culture.

Here are some excerpts from her post:

What’s different about Penang Lor Mee? In Singapore, our version of lor mee uses black vinegar. But for Penang lor mee, they added white vinegar which is generally less acidic and has a milder, sweeter flavour.

Penang Culture’s Lor Mee comes with delicious prawn mantis, soft braised wing, braised egg and a huge spoonful of white vinegar. Robust and soulful, the star of the lor mee is undoubtedly the gravy. It had a most intriguing flavour profile: savoury, sweet, garlicky and tangy.

They imported their five-spice powder from Penang and it is much more fragrant. The pleasant tang was provided by the white vinegar. Somehow, all these flavours came together in a most magical way. Each flavour stood out, yet didn’t overwhelm one another. After giving a good toss with the minced garlic and chilli, it was a satisfying bowl of lor mee.


Love that thick gravy!

Love that thick gravy!

She loves our Penang Sambal Fried Rice too!

Besides the Penang Lor Mee, this is my favourite dish. Chef’s fried rice is wok fried with his signature sambal, prawns and squid. Every grain is so fragrant and the sambal kick just leaves me wanting to shove another mouthful of tasty rice into my mouth. #Noregrets You can add another $1.50 for a sunny side egg.
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